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Hey Cardano Budz! We'll be renovating our website in the coming weeks, but we wanted to make sure there was a place here where you can find out about the things we're working on. EmpyreanPop, POGS, and the Summit all have definite dates, while everything else is tentative. Love ya'll!

((This page is way out of date lol. Will update after the summit))


Knight of Cups Kirk (1).gif
Knight of Cups Riker ().gif


EmpyreanPop Arcana - A Tarot Card Collection
Drops September 8th at noon central (17:00 UTC)
25 ADA per piece | 2 "Knight of Cups" characters | 4 different types 

Empyrean /emˈpirēən,ˌempəˈrēən/ - relating to heaven or the sky.
Pop Culture /päp ˈkəlCHər/ - modern popular culture transmitted via the mass media and aimed particularly at younger people.

The EmpyreanPop Collection will start with the Knight of Cups (which we created initially for the Planet Palz Creative Contest and which sparked this entire collection). We created the cards using a real painted background on a canvas with real magazine cutouts, combined with digital images and animation. From there, we'll go through the entire Major Arcana, with several versions of each card with characters from different genres from sci-fi to fantasy!

We both love tarot cards and their ability to give insight, meaning, purpose to one's journey and life. That's why we draw a card for our Digital Mortal interview guests - we think its fun and helpful to bring attention and awareness to your present and the direction you're heading in. Star Trek also really means a lot to both of us. The idea that the world can be an almost utopia with people not being so tied to "The Power Games" forever is one that we should always hold close to ourselves and not lose sight of. I think it's something we are reminded is possible every single day in the Cardano community! 


Also during the September 8th EmpyreanPop drop, something will pop out of the Multiversal Accessory Fanny Packs! POGS POGS POGS POGS P O G S!
We have been playing and designing pogs and are so excited to bring them to the Cardano community. Each fanny pack holder will get random multiples of one pog design so that we can have fun doing some schoolyard trading for others. So excited for this splendid September!

What else is in the works?

  • Crystal Key Utility is coming right after the EmpyreanPop drop! We'll be giving plenty of bonuses for holding onto one of these mythical keys. We still have plans to integrate it into a large collection down the line, but we want to start unlocking some fun asap!

  • We'll be heading to the Cardano Summit on September 24th in NYC with the #cnftnews crew - Scott, Summer, and Tyler! We'll be decked out in iron-on cnft project patches repping the CNFT community, raising awareness, streaming, and having some wig-wearing fun. Currently we've got an auction (in the CNFT Discord) going on for three of the spots, five projects had bought spots ahead of time to ensure the trip would be paid for. Two spots will be given away with a community vote. :)

  • On September 18th, entries for the Magical NFT contest are due. The contest is taking place on the Planet Palz Creative Contest Server.

  • Our awesome collab with NFT-L (Sweet Fellas crew!) will be happening later in the month (approx date - last week of the month of September). This animated Tie Dye collection is called Phantasmagoria and will feature NFTs AND 7 of the 64 pieces in the collection will come with a real version of that tie dye piece that has an NFT-L tag on the sleeve so that you can check out the NFT with ease!

We've got a lot more fun ideas that will be coming up in October as well (our absolute fav month!) and I'll be keeping you posted here and on the Never Engine Discord. - Check out our Discord!

This month, we'll be making the news show more and more fancy leading up to the Cardano Summit. Check it out for giveaways, drops, news, guests, and more!
Check out the news show here, on the NFT Update YouTube channel.
#CNFTnews airs every Thursday at 2pm CDT 19h00 UTC
Digital Mortal interviews and panels happen on Tuesdays and sometimes Saturdays at the same time as the news. Follow the news twitter @CNFTnews.


💕💕💕Thanks for stopping by the Never Engine 💕💕💕

-Alyssa & Trevor

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