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Introducing the Cardano Mythos Collection - NFT Artwork

Updated: May 26, 2021

Nothing lasts, but nothing is lost. Everything is in the process of changing into something else. - Terrence Mckenna

WE chose Cardano as the subject of our first NFT collection because to us it's the most inspirational project in the crypto space. The scientific and academic approach to its design and the "slow and steady" development pace had us intrigued, but it was Cardano and IOHK's veneration of important scientists, artists, and philosophers that moved us. Each phase of Cardano's development is named after one of the architects of the world we live in today (or an archetypal mythological figure). This felt right to us. Exactly the sort of thing we would have done if we were blockchain programmers instead of artists, lol. And so we created the Cardano Mythos Collection to honor those great people who came before. Since starting this project, we've learned so much about their lives. Their stories are our stories, and we are so lucky to have had them. Salute! One "problem" with several hundred year old paintings of great people is that they are several hundred years old. Though beautiful, we feel like these static paintings just don't do justice to the subject. These are wonderful people who pushed against the edges of accepted reality and ultimately expanded it. we wanted to bring them to life and to see them smile - we wanted to see them bursting at the seams with light! IOHK's website writes about a phenomena called Cascading Disruption. This is "the idea that most of the structures that form the world’s financial, governance and social systems are inherently unstable and thus minor perturbations can cause a ripple effect that fundamentally reconfigures the entire system." This has been proven to be true over and over throughout history, the Renaissance being a prime example (thanks Voltaire!). The patterns which flash across the subjects during the glitch effects are formed by Cellular Automata, which is a computational model that produces high levels of complexity from a simple set of rules. These patterns resonate with me on a cellular level. Each of us are made up of trillions of cells, each following a simple set of rules, and the result is US. It's incredible when you think about it, and is a foundational principle of Cascading Disruption. Each piece includes the name of the Cardano update and the date it went live, but only during the glitch effect - look closely at the bottom right corners! You can also catch a glimpse of Trevor's signature at the bottom left :) - Trevor & Alyssa Scott

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