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NFT Artwork

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique digital asset secured on a blockchain. Sounds simple (even boring), but it's opened an entire market for digital artwork. The NFT art scene has been growing "underground" since the Rare Pepes of late 2016 and now it's exploded into the established world of mainstream art. It's just beginning to shine and we are excited and honored to be a part of it.

Voltaire Cardano NFT PREVIEW.gif
Grape Awake NFT.gif
Meat Your Food NFT by Trevor Scott.gif
Enter The Labyrinth WEB.gif

We've been making digital artwork for years and were thrilled to learn about NFTs. We couldn't stop reading about them - The idea that there's now a way for digital artwork to have an original copy really got us excited. It feels like finally there's a way to showcase digital artwork in a meaningful way.

We truly believe that NFTs represent a "fresh start" for digital artists, and the starting gun just went off! If NFTs tickle your fancy, we say jump in and see where they take you! Art walks hand in hand with life. Stick with it for the love of creation and you'll have fun and improve as an artist along the way!

Of course, the NFT movement is still in its early stages and many of the rules are still undefined. Issues of legality, copyright ownership, and just plain theft cast a shadow over the legitimacy of the emerging NFT marketplace, but we're confident each of those issues will be overcome as the space matures. 

As blockchain technology evolves there will be many interesting offshoots like the NFT marketplace, and it's important to give them a chance to find their feet before saying "that'll never catch on." We've got to expect unexpected and disruptive uses of the blockchain to emerge, we're opening Pandora's Box, after all! The blockchain is a disruptive technology by nature.

Just as cryptocurrencies disrupt financial markets, so too will NFTs move us toward a democratization and decentralization of the way we buy and sell artwork.


It's a very exciting time to be an artist and we're looking forward to the future :)

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