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2022 Framework of
planned possibilities

2021 was the most incredible year, ever but to us it felt a bit like running downhill - we just had to keep putting one foot in front of the other in a mad dash haha. 2022 feels like it will be a different era for the CNFT Community. Like maybe this year will be more measured, more planned out, and hopefully a bit less hectic and overwhelming for us all!


We’ve decided to make “new choices” that can still keep us balanced but will also help us to see our vision through. The inspiration and support you have given us: from your own projects, to advice, to collaboration, to just knowing so many amazing people exist that share the same ideas - has been immeasurably good for our mental health. We’re really grateful for all the possibilities and deep friendships that surround us all of the time.


We’ve got so many cool things planned this year!

• We plan to create more Twitter Spaces - for the news, for discussing the community and issues facing it, and for Never Engine Updates and philosophical discourse.

Join us for Balanced Living in the Metaverse Twitter Space every Tuesday at 17:00 UTC ♥ New Topics from Self-Expression to Imposter Syndrome every week and everyone can get a chance to speak. Sometimes we even have special co-hosts from big projects!

Cardano Mythos Header Image WEB.jpg

• We’re really into the idea of revisiting the Mythos collection, but this time featuring active members and builders of the community right now rather than figures from the past. The next evolution!

• The CNFT News is going to be improving and getting a Patreon with awesome benefits to help support paying Will, getting new equipment, spending time on sketches and making shorter, more digestible news coverage. We’ll be reporting the news all through 2022 and beyond!  

NFT News Update CROP.jpg
Cog 07 thumb.gif

• We have been developing our COGS into a whole COGiverse with a mind-bending story that will take place in several acts. The action happens on Earth (and a parallel universe / timeline called Theta) and follows Pr0xy, a girl who is into gaming, AR, and NFTs, and hYp3r1on, an AI created by a Wizard Artificer named Daedalus.

• Inspired by some of our favorite media and favorite things to talk about like The Matrix, SCPs, Greek Mythology, and even our own life experiences. It’s an alternate reality game that we hope people will be able to get into at whatever level of it they’re interested in diving into. There will be NFT sales of classified documents, pamphlets, music, personal spaces of characters, and other media that supports that stage of the plot.

• We are looking forward to hosting REDACTED-FEST later this year in partnership with some awesome people in the CNFT community!! More details coming soon.

Redacted Fest Teaser.jpg

Now onto some new business:

We made a really fun cooperative/competitive board game called Facility 07! (We’ve been working on the game for about 8 years off and on). It's a Game of Exploration and Espionage with a Battle Royale Twist, and lots of tongue-in-cheek humor. You play as parody versions of iconic spies and action heroes who infiltrate an evil genius' lair and stop him from destroying the world! The facility is built out of cards laid out room by room as you explore, so it’s different every time - there are over 2 million possible layouts.

We launched a Kickstarter campaign for Facility 07 in 2020...


When we launched we had a very minimal social media presence, which we soon learned would be an issue in raising the funds to make the game (duh lol). When the campaign was halfway over we were a bit under halfway funded, and though we could likely have funded by the skin of our teeth we decided to cancel the campaign at that point and come back reinvigorated (and with more of a community behind us!) because we both believe it's easily among the best board games we’ve ever played, if not the best!

That time to kick it off again is now! But this time around we’ll be incorporating NFTs into the game and there are so many exciting possibilities that come along with that. At this stage we are looking for an artist to partner with (either profit share or flat rate) to create portrait artwork for each of our secret agent characters. This artwork will appear in the game on agent cards and will help give the game some more flair. We plan to release the Agent artwork as an NFT collection preceding the Kickstarter launch, with utility connected to the physical game.


It’s time to run the Kickstarter again - this time with all of our CNFT friends behind us!

Facility 07 Art Style Collage.jpg

[Above is an example collage of the art styles we are into for Facility 07]

We’re hoping to find some amazing people to be part of the journey that we’re embarking on in this new year. Partnership positions we are trying to fill immediately, in order of priority are:


  • Artist for Facility 07 Cards / NFTs

  • Musician for COGs

  • 3D Modeler for COGs / Slammers

  • Developer for COG game

  • Artist for Comic / Graphic Novel


Facility 07 game website

Play Facility 07 on Tabletopia

Thank you all so much for your interest in our projects and for your support! We are in state of awe each day that we get to create art that people will appreciate. We'll never stop being grateful for that new privilege. Let's enjoy the journey and always improve! 

Do you have any feedback or recommendations for the positions listed above? Please use the contact form or email us at

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