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about us

Our first joint project was a line of -shirt designs (Twelve Faces), then came our first successful project: Spectral City. It's all about small group experiences, including walking tours through historic New Orleans and Surreal History Parties. From there we've embarked on many projects together - Killer Theater (Murder Mysteries), Zero Session (Professional GMing), we created a board game (Facility 07), and most recently a youtube channel (Objects in Looking Glass)!


trevor scott

I'm an entertainer by nature - nothing thrills me more than making unique experiences possible for people. This urge to entertain has taken me many different places over the years.

Visual art has always been of particular interest to me; I loooove bright colors. I've had the pleasure of: creating websites for all of our projects, making many many TV commercials, celebrating Mardi Gras year after year with ever more elaborate costumes, building NOLA themed art installations in our house out of cardboard and duct tape, designing the visuals, components, and rules for a board game, making all sorts of exciting videos, and oh man the list goes on.


I am incredibly grateful to have had all of these opportunities and I intend to keep working on projects that celebrate and empower others who may not have had the same opportunities, like Zero Session.

Some of my most rewarding experiences as an entertainer have been as a Game Master running D&D, Savage Worlds, or any number of home brew systems I have concocted. I've been lucky enough to have game groups that wanted to try new things!

One of my earliest memories is being in a play in elementary school. I played the Jabberwocky >:) I remember whiffling through the Tulgey Wood (trees played by my classmates lol). I continued to do theater and somehow got into making claymation videos. Soon I was making all sorts of silly videos with my BFF Matt Marek. Good times!


I attended Interlochen Arts Academy during high school where I majored in theater and later film, then went all in on my video education and went to college at Columbia Chicago, then transferred to NYU Tisch. After graduating I moved to New Orleans where I met my wonderful wife Alyssa, and the rest is history!


alyssa scott

I’m a New Orleans native and I love humans and magic! In the past few years I’ve had a lot of fun doing everything from haunted walking tours to creating the concept of Surreal History Parties. I’ve been dabbling in everything from Cemetery Tours to Improv Comedy to writing and acting in Murder Mysteries. My current hobbies are comedy, tiedye, and guitar/songwriting. I’m also developing a healing workshop for victims of Narcissistic Abuse. I dream of a world where everyone can feel connected and respected. Where people are taught how they can protect themselves from abusive situations. I’m currently very involved in Narcissistic Abuse Healing and Meditation because I see those two things as highly valuable ways to heal us and bring us together based on the state of our current society. The number of people operating with these behaviors is staggering and it calls for us to respond differently.

My life has been a wild ride, but its one I’ve come to realize has been beautiful and difficult and very unique. For years, I struggled with addiction and I’ve just celebrated 5 years of being sober. Going through that experience has helped me to be a wiser, more introspective and empathetic being. It has instilled a passion in me to help teach people to be more conscious, confident, and in touch with who they are and what they want. Trevor and I had the incredibly lucky dice roll of meeting each other, which led to opportunities for both of us to become more empowered and realize our dreams. There is a love and drive burning in my chest to ensure that pattern of awakening repeats. We can disrupt future generational issues right now - with some love and education.

I love sci-fi, pop culture references, rainbows, and the unexpected poetry of life. I love to snuggle with my cats and my Trevor. Road trips, fashion, displays of affection and vulnerability, rock-pop music. laughing + getting weird+getting real=the best.

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